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Security expert calls for deployment of KDF special forces near Somalia border

Tuesday January 21, 2020

Chief of the Defence Forces General Samson Mwathethe visits troops in Somalia in December, 2019. [Source/KDF/Twitter]

Kenya needs to rethink its strategy in the fight against Al-Shabaab, security expert Mustafa Ali has urged.

This is in the wake of increased terror attacks within the country's borders, specifically in counties bordering Somalia, the home of the militia group which is affiliated to Al Qaeda.

Ali said there was a need to deploy Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) special forces near the Somalia border to ensure the terrorists do not cross over and stage attacks.

He noted Al-Shabaab has grown into a deadly militia with sophisticated armoury which calls for a need to deploy an elite squad to keep Kenya safe.

"There is need to  recalibrate the kind of equipment the security personnel on the frontline particularly those near the Somali border have. It’s very important the special forces that Kenya has are actually deployed in that part of the world," the expert said in an interview with NTV, Sunday night.

Expressing similar sentiments, Prof Gitile Naituli said there was also a need to provide police officers within the border with advanced equipment, to ensure they keep communities and key security installations safe from Al-Shabaab threat.

"This is an expensive war but then if we are to fight it we need to equip our police properly. They cannot fight these fellows...they are an army because they have superior weapons," he said.

In the last few months, terrorists have staged various attacks in Lamu, Garissa, Wajir and Mandera counties that has left a number of police officers and civilians dead.



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