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Nine fisherman killed by torrential rains offf the coast of southern Somalia

Friday August 7, 2020

FILE Jubaland Minister of Fisheries, Ibrahim Abdi Hassan

Kismayo (HOL) - Jubaland's Minister of Fisheries, Ibrahim Abdi Hassan said that nine people have died off the coast of Ras Kamboni in the Lower Juba region of southern Somalia.

The fisherman died while out at sea. Heavy rains and strong winds caused are believed to be significant contributing factors to their deaths.

Ibrahim Abdi Hassan told reporters that torrential rains are expected this month off the coast of Somalia and that so far his office has received reports of several damaged boats.

"It is a terrible story that nine fishermen have died. Everyone must be careful while out at sea."

 He added that people living off the coast of Somalia are heavily dependent on fishing revenues.


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