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Nadar Tabah takes over as Beledweyne mayor

Friday August 7, 2020

Nadar Tabah (L) assumes office as the Mayor of Beledweyne during a handing over ceremony with  Hiiraan governor, Ali Jeyte Osman. Photo/ Twitter

Beledweyne (HOL) - Nadar Tabah, Beledweyne's new mayor officially took office on Wednesday with a handing over ceremony that included Hiiraan Governor Ali Jeyte Osman and other regional dignitaries.

Nadar replaced Safiya Hassan Sheikh Ali, Somalia's first female mayor on August 2nd.

Ms Tabah has been an active figure in local politics for the last decade.

During the handing over ceremony, Hiiraan governor Ali Jeyte Osman wished Ms Tabah well in her endeavours as Beledweyne's mayor but also stressed the need for the people of Hiiraan to select their local leaders.

"If the people of Hiiraan can elect their leaders, they will be able to hold local officials accountable for their actions. We don't know why (local politicians) we are appointed, we don't know what our responsibilities are to our constituents. If we did, our city wouldn't look like this. I'm talking about myself as well."

Beledweyne, located 345km north of Mogadishu, is the capital of Hiiraan province.


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