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Mudulood Conference: Elections must be held on time without term extensions

Friday August 7, 2020

Mogadishu (HOL) - A Communique released on Thursday at the culmination of a three-day consultative clan conference has called for the federal government to hold timely elections without delay and to incorporate Banadir as a region.

The Mudolood conference, a gathering of members of the Mudlood clan from August 3rd through 6th, included two former Somali presidents, a sitting regional president as well as military officials, clan elders and civil society leaders.

The influential block called for federal elections to be held without a term extension for either parliament or the president.

"The Muddullod clan calls on the Federal Government to ensure the 2020/21 national elections are based on consensus and are held on time. The clan warns against a term extension for the government that may plunge the country into a political and constitutional crisis."

It endorsed the recent decision to grant Banadir 13 seats in Somalia's Senate but pushed for the formation of Banadir as a federal member state.

Finally, the Mudulood conference conceded that Al-Shabaab has made some gains since 2016 and called for cooperation in purging the extremist group from Mudulood lands.

"The clan calls on the Federal Government, Federal Member States and AMISOM [African Union Mission in Somalia] to urgently liberate its lands which have long been under the control of the anti-peace groups [Al-Shabaab]. The Muddullod clan is ready to contribute to the liberation efforts," the statement added.

The clan conference, however, warned against any additional AMISOM troops during election season.

The Mudolood is a subclan of Hawiye.


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