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Tawakal Express and PiP iT Global form partnership to utilise growing East African Market

Hiiraan Online
Monday September 30, 2019

Tawakal Express, Business Developer Ali Mohamed shakes hands with John Kurton Head of Sales, PiP iT Global

Tawakal Express, the first mobile wallet of Somalia, have now formed a strategic partnership with PiP iT Global, the international online cash platform. This partnership will enable African migrants living and working in the UK to load their T-Plus eWallets from any UK Post Office with cash or a debit card and pay bills back at home.

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African overseas workers such as Somalis, Kenyans, Ugandans and Ethiopians living in the UK can now load their T-Plus eWallet at any of the 11,500 Post Office branches around the UK, making the T-Plus eWallet one of the most useful, safest and cost-effective ways to support family at home. 

A T-Plus eWallet account has all the functionality of an online bank so financially excluded migrants in the UK no longer have to use expensive cash transfer services. This new partnership with PiPiT, means that users can load their eWallet much more easily than before, opening up access to the T-Plus services to diaspora living all across the UK, and not only those close to the Tawakal Express offices.

PiP iT Global’s platform for cash transfers provides international bill payment, e-deposits and e-wallets to make electronic payments and e-commerce services for consumers and merchants. The Tawakal Express brand operates as a global remittance company, value transfer service and Sombank; leading the way to create a bridge for migrant communities across the world to support their friends and family back home.

Mr Mohamed Jama, CEO, Tawakal Express commented that “Tawakal Express is continuously searching for innovative ways to help our customers to support their loved ones back home and there is a lot of demand within the diaspora for affordable and efficient services. This partnership makes it easier for us to do this and we are happy to be able to provide this new Top-Up service.”

Ollie Walsh, CEO of PiP iT Global added that “through this partnership with Tawakal Express we are delighted that our payment platform will help the diaspora to send money home to support their families and pay bills for their family back home while working abroad. This service is available to them even if they don’t have a bank account in either country.”

Event host announces the launch of the E-wallet app

To access this new feature, customers need to download the T-Plus APP on either Google Play or the Apple App store onto their smartphone. They should follow the steps to set up an account and once this is complete, they can start to load to their eWallet at their local Post Office. In the easy-to-use APP, the customer selects the ‘Top Up with PiPiT’ button and enters the amount they want to load in Pound Sterling. The App converts this instantly to US Dollars and shows the amount the customer needs to pay. The app then generates a barcode which can be scanned at the Post Office, when the cash is paid, and the transaction is completed. The funds then appear in the customer’s T-Plus account once the transaction is approved. 


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