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First Somali woman elected as Belgium city council member

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday October 16, 2018

BRUSSELS (HOL) – A Somali-Belgian woman has won a local city council member post, becoming the first Somali to have been elected to take a political post in Belgium’s history.

Sahra Mohamed Khalif, a young aspiring politician from the Belgium Socialist Party (SPA), the country’s oldest political party has been declared as the newest council member of Leuven city after receiving a vote about 772 on Sunday's local elections.

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Ms. Khalif, 21, a second student of Leuven University in the faculty of international studies is seen by her Somali community as a hard-working girl that showed a determination and ambition for joining politics.

Her victory has left her two parents excited, recalling their daughter’s long journey and efforts that led to her accomplishments.

"We are very pleased to see Sahra joining politics at a young age." Her mother Jamila Suber said in a telephone interview with HOL.

This council election has been attended by seven political parties.  The winner will have a six-year term mandate.

Khalif’s election is the latest in a string of election victories by Somali politicians in recent years. Most of them came to Europe or America as immigrants, having fled civil strife that plagued their country, Somalia which is now recovering from decades of civil war.

In early October, Leyla Ali Elmi, a Swedish-Swedish woman, was also been elected to become a member of the Swedish parliament.

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