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Duale hits out at flamboyant city lawyer

Khalif Salah Rage
Thursday May 10, 2018

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale and Donald Kipkorir

GARISSA - National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has lashed out at flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir following his controversial post about the Somali Community.

Somalis are less than 300,000 but belong to all Political Parties & have own Parties BUT never allow Political differences to come between their Faith, Friendships, Business & Lobbying for Big Offices .. Like Qatar, Somalis punch above their weight .. Other tribes need learning.

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Kipkorir in a tweet wondered how the Somali community in the country were less than 300,000, but belonged to all political parties, and had their own parties but never permitted political differences to cause them division in their faith, friendships, business and lobbying for big offices.

He compared the community to Qatar, linking the political relevance they are enjoying to their huge persuasive power, and urged other tribes to learn from them.

In a quick rejoinder, Duale dismissed the Kipkorir's claims and lectured him on the historical background, and significance of the Somali community.

"Wakili, Somalis are over 3 million spread across the country occupying 3 counties, historically occupied critical positions in government, legislature and private sector, contribute to the economy . To wrap it all they occupy more than 65%of the Horn of Africa. Bure Kabisa. Fitina," Duale tweeted.

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