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UN agency launches MigApp to protect African migrants

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Monday February 19, 2018
By Paul Adepoju

The MigApp is tailored to the needs of refugees and migrants

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has rolled out the MigApp which is a mobile app with the goal of securing the movements of migrants from East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

It provides updated news about global incidents and health warnings tailored to the needs of refugees and migrants. Information about the money transfer is provided and sending money to other people is possible via this app. Medical appointments can be made directly through the app. In addition, it helps people who are on the move to cope with language barriers, and they help in keeping travel documents secure.

Finally, they can communicate with other migrants via stories about themselves.

IOM is aiming to diminish, or even put an end, to many of the problems that migrants and refugees face via MigApp.

The app has been deployed in Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Djibouti, South Sudan and Somalia.

IOM said it selected the countries because of their high mobile penetration rate. It added that the MigApp is a one-stop shop where migrants can access up-to-date, reliable and convenient information as well as IOM’s services.

Alex Dougan, IOM’s MigApp Project Manager, explains that the app has been developed  “to help migrants make informed decisions throughout their migration journey. It provides secure and reliable information for a safe trip and allows the sharing of its location with relatives .

For IOM, the lack of a convenient and central portal containing essential information on migration often predisposes migrants to easily seek help from unauthorized agencies to respond quickly to their migration needs.

“MigApp aims to compensate for the volume of misinformation, now circulating on migration, by providing information on: visas, health and travel regulations; alerts on global incidents resulting from conflict or natural disasters; and the contacts of anti-trafficking hotlines.”


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