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Court rules Wajir Senator’s win is valid, dismisses two petitions

Friday February 2, 2018

Garissa governor Nathif Jama, Wajir governor Ahmed Abdullahi, Garissa senator Yusuf Haji and Wajir senator Abdullahi Ali Olow at a public baraza in Dadaab on Saturday. /STEPHEN ASTARIKO

The High Court has dismissed two petitions challenging Wajir Senator Ali Abdullahi’s (pictured) election.

Justice Richard Mwongo declared Abdullahi the validly elected Senator of Wajir, saying none of the allegations levelled against him in the petitions were substantiated.

The judge said even though there were errors and omissions during the election, the petitioners failed to convince the court how the mistakes altered the final results.

“The court hereby certifies that this petition is dismissed and the election of Abdullahi is valid,” Mwongo said. The petitions had been filed by Abdirahman Abdkadir of ODM and Adow Mohamed of Kanu.

They had told the court their agents were intimidated and denied access to polling stations and the IEBC colluded with the Senator to deny them victory.



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