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The Under 12 Sports Movement in South London

Saturday November 4, 2017

Children from Stretham Academy played with their neighbours Stockwell Academy in a match where they were competing for a cup in a day tournament. The main objectives behind these types of competitions are to draw more young children to the sport and harvest their talents from an early age.

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I was accompanied by Stretham Academy Chairman and Connecting Sports Manager, Mr. Mohamed Hussein Loolow who told me why these competitions are so important. "It brings the Somali youth in South London from together and hopes to build their confidence in football and develop a passion for the sport and keep will them out of trouble."

The surging number of stabbings in London has sent knife crime nationwide to its highest level in the UK for more than six years with a 26 per cent leap in offences, showed official figures revealed last month. Initiatives like this are vital in engaging the youth at an early age and enabling them to have more opportunities in sports.  

Parents are advised to send their children to the football academy run by qualified Somali coaches. Below are the names and teams of the young boys who scored in yesterday’s game in Tooting Bec:

Jebriil scored 2 Goals (Stockwell Academy)

Mohamed Little Man Scored 6 Goals (7 years old, Stockwell Academy)

Zakaria scored 4 Goals (Streatham Academy)

Musab scored 3 goals (Stockwell Academy)

Stockwell Academy won the cup


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