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Somalia launches national youth policy

Monday December 18, 2017

A young Somali singer performs during Eid Al-Fitr celebrations at the Sayidka square in Mogadishu on July 17 2015. Credit: UN Photo/I. Ahmed

MOGADISHU, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Somalia on Monday launched the National Youth Policy designed to remove institutional barriers to youth development and enable young people to pursue their goals.

The policy was launched at the start of a two-day conference which brought together hundreds of youth representatives from around Somalia who gathered in the capital Mogadishu for talks on the future development of young Somalis.

In her opening remarks, Minister of Youth and Sports Khadija Mohamed Diriye expressed the hope that the national youth policy will spur the passage of laws and regulations to help young Somalis to become more "effective and visible" citizens in society.

"The main objective for the ministry is to formulate a National Youth Policy to get special laws and regulations that will make our youth effective and visible in the country so as to uplift their education and awareness of the ministries involved in their development and get the services they require," Diriye said.

According to a statement from the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia, participants will discuss opportunities for growth, the role youth can play in Somalia's peace and security agenda, and specific issues affecting young people such as illegal migration.

The federal ministry of youth and sports began to develop a youth policy in 2014 with support from the United Nations and the participation of various youth constituencies.

The new policy was endorsed by the cabinet last month and will promote youth participation in peace-building efforts and other initiatives.

Peter de Clercq, the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General noted the organization's financial support for programs that foster youth development in the country.

Clerq said they have contributed so far 38 million U.S. dollars to 18 programs that are dedicated to youth employment, youth empowerment and more youth influence in politics in the Horn of Africa nation.

"We will continue to support the youth and the government of Somalia in this very important objective," said Clercq.


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