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Somali Finance Ministry Introduces new system of army payroll

Hiiraan Online
Friday December 1, 2017

MOGADISHU,(HOL)-Somali ministry of finance has introduced biometric registration payroll for Somali National Army (SNA) for the first time in dacades.

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Abdirahman Du'ale Beileh on Thursday opened the new system which allows SNA soldiers to get their salaries through their personal accounts.

Beileh said the process carried out by finance ministry was aimed at improving the morale of  the soldiers and fighting against corruption.

"Today is the first day of the pilot to biometrically register the SNA for direct salary payment to personal bank accounts. Payroll reform is underway. Proud of our soldiers & @MofSomalia, working hard to raise revenue & improve transparency so that we can finance public services," said the minister in his twitter post.

The ministry started the payroll registration with the soldiers operating at Villa Somalia on 30th November.

Somali commanders who spoke to SONNA said that this new system will change a lot in the government’s salary paying method. 
They pointed out that the system would eradicate the rampant corruption that engulfed the Army.


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