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Heavy fighting in central Somalia kills four in Dhuusamareeb

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A heavy gunfire fighting is reportedly erupted in the central town of Dhusamareb, which is between the moderate Somali Islamists of Ahlu-Suna and local militias loyal to ex –government commander, officials say.

The fighting which has escalated on early Wednesday through the town killed at least four people and wounded dozens.  The clashes broke out when Ahlu-suna tried to disarm Liiban Madaxweyne who had previously defected from the (ASWJ).

Reports indicate that exchange of fire bullets between the confronting militias were heard in the mid of last night according to witnesses on the ground.

The fighting has intensified when Gal-Mudug forces joined the fighting as clashes led mass displacements in the area.

“We have killed several soldiers from Gal-Mudug and our troops are capable to confront them “Ahluna Wal-jameeca Commander Mursal Shekh Mohamed has told reporters by phone.

No comments could be reached from the Federal Gov’t as public places including schools and hospitals shut down due to the escalating clashes in Dhusa-mareeb and its outskirts.



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