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Somalian Journalist scolds NPP demonstrators In The US

Wednesday August 13, 2014 

The shame that befell the few NPP elements who staged a demonstration at the side of the US-African summit at the present of the State Department, Washington DC, against President John Mahama last week was made complete when a Somalian journalist present scolded them for their unpatriotic act.

Before the Somalian scolded them, the demonstrators were already facing embarrassment as a result of their poor attendance. In spite of the publicity they had carried out, less than forty people turned up for the demonstrations. The international media, who were present to cover the summit meeting looked on amused at the small group, parading shameful placards, screamed themselves hoarse in a bid to be heard. Security men present looked on irritatingly.

In the midst of the screaming, a Somalian journalist, Yasmeen Maxamuud, who was present to cover the summit meeting walked to the demonstration and to their dismay, began to scold them.

Yasmeen asked them why they were dragging Ghana’s good name in the mud. She told the stunned demonstrators whatever their grievances, Ghana did not deserve such unpatriotic act at the international stage because it is much respected among the comity of nations.

She then added that if they were unhappy about what Ghana was, they should consider exchanging it with her country, Somalia; Ghanaians should come live in Somalia, so that Somalians will replace them in Ghana.

The shame of the demonstrators, at this stage was complete; their poor attendance had been made worse by the rebuke from the Somalian journalist. It was a humiliating experience for most of them !

Several demonstrations in recent time orchestrated by the opposition NPP has failed to garner the numbers the organisers had planned for. The occupyflagstaff demonstration was a flop. So was the TUC demonstration. Soon after, a demonstration was staged in the U.S; less than thirteen people took part. Another politically motivated one at the Tema harbor saw twelve people in the attendance. Obviously, many Ghanaians are simply getting fed up with NPP-inspired demonstrations against President John Mahama. 


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