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EU leads efforts to win a ‘new deal' for Somalia

Thursday, September 12, 2013

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Conference on country's future to be held in Brussels next week.

The international community will gather in Brussels on Monday (16 September) to endorse a ‘new deal' for Somalia that is intended to ensure that the country becomes a functioning state.

The European Union, the host of the conference, is the largest single donor to the country, and currently runs three security missions there.

Alexander Rondos, the EU's special envoy to the region, told European Voice that the conference is “about kick-starting the next stage of consolidation” following the end of an eight-year transition to a new government last September.

The European Commission underlined its commitment to boosting security on Monday (9 September), when it said that it would provide another €124 million to fund the African Union-led force in Somalia.


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