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Wajir South Professional Forum says list ‘miraa’ under narcotics

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

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A community organisation in North Eastern Province is seeking to have miraa classified as a narcotic.

The Wajir South Professional Forum, which says it represents the interests of the Somali community, has moved to the High Court seeking to be enjoined in a case in which the Nyambene Miraa Traders Association is challenging the classification of miraa as a narcotic.

In an application before Justice David Majanja on Monday, the forum, through lawyer Oscar Wanyaga, claims that the miraa issue has taken a political angle without due regard to the victims of abuse.

“All that is being considered is the financial implications on the producing communities,” it says.

The organisation claims that the trend has led many residents Wajir South region to develop a carefree attitude, which in turn has caused the region to lag behind in development.

Adverse effects

“The classification of miraa as a narcotic will help in ensuring that consumers are properly educated on the effects of the herb and therefore reduce its adverse effects,” the organisation says in its affidavit.

The forum has asked the court not to consider the interests of miraa-producing regions, especially in Meru, at the expense of the adversely affected communities.

Last month, leaders from Meru region were enjoined in the case in which the Nyambene miraa traders are suing Nacada. In their application, they had argued that should Nacada declare the herb a narcotic, it would compromise the livelihoods of people in miraa-producing areas.

The application by the Wajir South Professional Forum will be heard on September 25.

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