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Insecurity hampering humanitarian activities
Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Rising insecurity across the world has been cited as one of the stumbling blocks in efforts by humanitarian aid organizations to extend their services to hardship and drought prone regions.

According to statistics availed by European action aid, over 1,340 incidents of insecurity targeting humanitarian workers were reported in Middle East and Africa Between 1997 and 2011 out of which 24 were from Kenya.

To enhance the safety of workers and expedite the humanitarian work, aid workers personal and organizational security enhancement forums have been organized.

At the multi regional security risk management capacity building forum in Nairobi, the participants were challenged to reinvent the wheel on security preparedness in their respective organizations in line with the changing trends of insecurity targeting humanitarian organizations.

Organizers led by the Technical assistant for the European Union Humanitarian department Fausto Pueto Perez pointed out that to help curb the soaring insecurity cases; all stakeholders must channel their efforts towards ensuring adequate resource distribution.

He said the result of these constant and consistent attacks against the humanitarian community often results in organizations suspending their activities thus preventing aid from reaching the most vulnerable in disaster and conflict affected communities.

“A need to address these challenges and to share knowledge, experiences and tools to overcome them has never been felt s strongly,” he said.

He warned that with the emerging threats of climate change and unemployment, security is likely to pose more challenges.

While reports of kidnappings of humanitarian aid workers have been common in other parts of the continent, Kenya has remained a relatively safe haven with just a few cases reported.

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