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Africa should learn from Europe - Museveni
Africa should learn from Europe - Museveni
Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and EU ambassador to Uganda Roberto Ridolfi share a toast with President Museven during Europe Day celebrations at the ambassador’s residence in Kololo

New Vision
Saturday, May 11, 2013

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President Yoweri Museveni has said Africa should learn from Europe which has avoided war for the last 60 years and integrated to consolidate its development and economic muscle.

“Europe had difficult times like the 100 year wars, 30 year wars, war of Napoleon, the German war, the First and second World Wars and others. But for 60 years or so, there has been no big war,” Museveni told EU diplomats and their guests at the celebration of the May 9, Europe Day.

The celebrations, which included a cocktail at the residence of the European Union Ambassador to Uganda, Roberto Ridolfi, in Kololo, was also attended by the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.

“I congratulate you for being a world example in those two aspects of avoidance of war and integration and I wish Africans could learn from you. I congratulate you on Pan-Europeanism,” Museveni said.

He amused the gathering when he said it was his first outing in 27 years. “The increasing purchasing power in Africa is important for the whole world including Europe. So if the relationship between Africa and Europe is properly utilised, it can achieve a lot.

“We should not mess it up by raising peripheral issues and making them major. What is crucial is our mutual interests, communication and geographical proximity,” Museveni added.

Ridolfi commended the EU-Uganda government joint effort “built around some battles in the war against corruption.” He also praised Uganda for its role in regional security, especially in Somalia. He pledged EU support towards Uganda’s development, including introduction of an agriculture and agri-business equity fund. He disclosed that European countries want to create a Uganda-EU Chamber of Commerce.


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