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Mogadishu's roads re-opened following days of closure

Hiiraan Online
Saturday, May 04, 2013

Major roads in Mogadishu have been re-opened following three days of tight security which was the biggest, since the new government was elected.

Somali Government deployed police and especial forces in the capital, leading to the closure of roads in Mogadishu.

The move came following reports of Alshabab imminent attacks as announced by Mogadishu’s Deputy, Banadir Governor Ali Ahmed Gure on Wednesday.

 “We are taking these precautions to protect our citizens from terrorist attacks” said Mr. Gure in one of his earlier press conferences.

Security officials in Mogadishu said Alshabab is on the brink of carrying out attacks in Mogadishu without further details.

The closure of the roads led to a public outcry after businesses and schools were closed due to warnings from the security officials.

Alshabab has threatened to carry out more attacks against government positions after the group claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing assault in Mogadishu courts on 14, April, which led to the death of 34 people and wounded 60.

Residents in the capital expressed their excitement after the move of the government to re-open the roads.

Ahmed Abdisamad
[email protected]


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