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Terror suspect back in jail, cell phone examined

FOX 9 News
Saturday, May 04, 2013

A man awaiting sentencing on terror related charges is back in custody after using the internet on his cellphone, in violation of the conditions of his release.

A man awaiting sentencing on terror related charges is back in
Court documents reveal the internet history of that phone was wiped clean. The FBI is currently examining that phone to recover any evidence.

Abdifatah Isse is scheduled to be sentenced in two weeks on charges he traveled to Somalia to train with al-Shabaab. The US State Department calls al-Shabab a terrorist organization.

Isse had been released to a half-way house pending sentencing.

Isse is a 2002 graduate of Roosevelt High School. He was arrested February 2009 in Seattle along with Salah Ahmed and Kamal Hassan, who are also awaiting sentencing. He pleaded guilty last April to providing material support to terrorists.

Isse's attorney has argued that his client was not aware of al Shabaab when he left for Somalia in 2007, because the group was only in its nascent stages. At the time, many from Somalia had heard stories of atrocities on the part of Ethiopian troops in Somalia.


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