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Silanyo expresses disappointment to partially lifting arms embargo in Somalia
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The president of self-declared state of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo expressed his dissatisfaction to partially lifting arms embargo in Somalia.
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President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo

While traveling to Turkey Silanyo declared that the decision of the security council was a direct security threat to his administration, but affirmed his army’s preparedness to deal with any attack from Somalia.

“The ease of arms embargo is disappointing, it will have a bad affect on us, but the Somali government insisted to use peaceful ways not through force to unite the country, that is all what we heard from them” Silanyo said.

He also stated his government's preparedness to continue talks with the rest of Somalia.

The UN Security Council on Wednesday eased the arms embargo against Somalia for one year, which has created an outcry from Human rights activists and semiautonomous regions of Puntland and Somaliland.

The embargo was imposed in 1992, a year after the fall of former president Mohamed Siad Barre, who was ousted by armed rebels.

Ahmed Abdisamad
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