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Request for Applications (RFA)

Transition Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS)


Request for Applications (RFA):  Contract management for Field Personnel for IOM-TIS  in Kenya and Somalia

Date of issue:                            March 6th,   2013

Closing date:                             March 20th, 2013

Closing time:                             5:00 pm


Dear Prospective Applicants,


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has entered agreement with the United States Government, represented by the Agency for International Development (USAID), for implementation of the Transition Initiatives for Stabilization of Somalia (TIS). TIS is a project aimed to support the stability of Somalia through a transparent, community-based, consultative approach.

On behalf of -TIS project, IOM is seeking applications from qualified Kenyan/Somalia organizations working in Kenya/Somalia’s civil society sector to support Implementation of TIS’ Community-based Security and Peace-building initiative (CSPB) as described herein. This Request for Applications (RFA) describes the TIS’ CSPB strategy, gives background in the areas for which applications will be sought, provides guidance for applications and details the evaluation criteria.


Issuance of this RFA does not constitute a commitment on the part of IOM to award grants in the absence of funds from USAID for this purpose. Final awards will not be made until funds are provided to IOM by USAID and the selection process is complete. IOM makes no commitment to reimburse applicants for costs incurred in responding to this RFA. Participating in and responding to this RFA is at the risk and expense of the applicant.



Since 1991, Somalia has essentially been a collapsed state. Two decades of conflict, worsening cyclical droughts and floods which often cause crop losses, as well as epidemic outbreaks have led to one of the world's most protracted and serious humanitarian crises. Around four million or 53% of the Somali population are in need of humanitarian assistance, out of which 1.4 million are internally displaced persons within the country, according to latest UN estimates. The social costs of war have been enormous, leaving Somalia with some of the lowest human development indicators in the world. The situation in Somalia is highly fluid, and Somalia’s social, economic, and political development faces formidable challenges. Given the long-term absence of a strong central institutions in Somalia, ongoing efforts to support peace and stability and to rebuild law enforcement, governance, and social service institutions remains a priority in Somalia.


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IOM with funding from USAID has been implementing the TIS program over the last one year in Mogadishu and Hargeisa that has achieved considerable gains. As part of the TIS programming IOM, USAID and UNDP are planning to implement an expanded community based security and peace building initiative (CSPB) in Mogadishu in collaboration with various stakeholders at different levels.  The main objective of the initiative is to provide community safety programs across South Central with a national coordination and information-sharing forum.


Somalia and particularly Mogadishu is a challenging and volatile environment in which to work. The dangerous operating environment means that implementation, monitoring and supervision of program activities and ensuring that assistance is reaching the intended beneficiaries is more difficult than it would be in more secure environments. This is further worsened by the lack of access for international organizations and UN agencies due to insecurity. Currently IOM, USAID and –UNDP has office in Mogadishu do not have operational offices in south Central Somalia due to insecurity. Therefore IOM, USAID and UNDP have been implementing programs in this zone of Somalia through local implementing partners

IOM-TIS therefore plan to utilize the services of a local organization/firm in handling staff recruitment and contract management on behalf of IOM in Nairobi to enable the implementation of the TIS project which will otherwise be impossible through IOM contracted staff, who due to insecurity are not able to travel to Somalia.


With this in mind, IOM-TIS is seeking applications from qualified Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and private sector firms to carry out human resources management for field staff recruited for TIS by IOM based both in Nairobi with frequent travel to Mogadishu and field recruited staff within Benadir Regional administration and Hargeisa within Somaliland. The recruitment of staff will be done by the contractor and IOM-TIS in compliance with IOM human resources policies and procedure. The contractor is required to exercise fairness and confidentiality in the process, with approval from the IOM-TIS program coordinator for Community Stabilization -. It is envisaged that the day-to-day management of these staff will rest with IOM-TIS management in Nairobi.


Types of services to be provided under this RFA

This RFA seek the following services from a CSO in the following key areas:

1)     Human resources management

a.      Recruitment

b.      Staff contract management

c.       Time sheet management

d.      Staff payroll management

e.      Manage staff medical insurance and occupational accidents

f.        Manage staff security in Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Nairobi and evacuate the staff if needed

g.      Manage all statutory deductions on monthly basis as per Kenyan and Somalia labor laws.

h.       Other HR administrative activities such as staff leave management

Awards and Funding

Through this RFA, IOM-TIS will award contract to one civil society organization to undertake field staff contract management for personnel deployed to TIS in Nairobi. The contract will last for 12 months.


Eligible organizations

Applications are invited from the full range of non-governmental groups and private sector firms active in Kenyan and Somalia with expertise and capacity in human resource management. IOM-TIS also seeks to encourage the participation of NGOs that may be working in peace building and conflict prevention, mitigation and management in Somalia and or in Northern Kenya and has clear understanding of the socio-political dynamics among the Somali community. Civil society organizations that previously worked with USAID funded peace programs are also encouraged to apply.


Applications and Evaluation Process


1. Applications

Applications in response to this RFA must be received by the IOM-TIS team no later than 5:00 p.m. on 20th  March, 2013, for consideration. It is not anticipated that late applications will be reviewed. However, IOM-TIS reserve the right to consider any application for review at its discretion.


Application Papers shall consist of:

·        A completed application cover page

·        Program concept (maximum 1 pages);

·        A one page summary budget; and

·        A copy of the organization’s registration certificate in Kenya and Somalia

·        Confirm  if  service provider  has  presence in Somalia

Applicants shall submit an original and signed one (1) copy of their concept paper, in English, in font no smaller than size 12, to the address below as well as an electronic version of the application to the following addresses: [email protected]. All application papers must be signed with an original signature by a representative authorized to commit the resources of the organization. Applicants are encouraged to write clearly and concisely and limit the narrative project concept to no more than 5 pages and one (1) page summary budget.


2. Evaluation process

The TIS team will establish a review panel that includes representatives from IOM. The committee will include 3 reviewers and evaluation will be based on the criteria set forth below. The review panel, using the criteria detailed below, will rate applications and make awarding recommendations to the IOM-TIS management.


All technical reviewers will be subjected to a screening process to eliminate any conflict of interest. IOM will instruct the technical review committee to evaluate all applications according to the criteria established in this section and weighted as follows:


1.      Valid registration in Kenya/Somalia

2.      Experience in human resources management

3.      Experience in implementing peace building, conflict mitigation and management programs

4.      Previous experience in implementing USAID-funded peace programs

5.      Organizational capacity to manage human resources services

6.      Capacity to responded to the security issues both in Kenya and Somalia

7.      Capacity and ability to invest in advance

8.      Ability/willing to invest in IT software which can be used for HR management.



Instructions to the Applicant

Applications must be received on or before 5:00 p.m. Nairobi, Kenya time on   March 20th, 2013 to the following address:



IOM TIS Nairobi Support Office



Transition Initiatives for Stablization (TIS)

International Organization for Migration(IOM)

Somalia, Gitanga Groove _off Gitanaga Road

PO Box 1810-00606

Nairobi, Kenya


 E-mail: [email protected] 


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