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Djibouti and China to rebuild Mogadishu port

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Djibouti and China will help rebuild Mogadishu port, officials said.

A joint delegation from the two countries arrived in the Somali capital Tuesday to discuss the port plans.
The group comprised the Director of Djibouti port and officials from China who specialise in the rebuilding of infrastructure.

“The delegation and their Somali companions received reports on the port’s functions,” stated Mr Abdullahi Ali Nur, the manager of Mogadishu port.

The members of the joint Djiboutian and Chinese delegation stated that they were ready to take part in the modernisation and expansion of the Somali port.

Mr Nur stated: “We welcome collaboration with the Djiboutian and the Chinese in the rebuilding of the port.”
“This type of cooperation indicates the gradual development taking place in Somalia,” he added.

In another development, Shebelle, an independent media in Mogadishu, reported on Tuesday that an Iranian company was planning to handle a vital operations at the port of Mogadishu, the largest harbour in Somalia.
According to the media reports, officials from Simatech Shipping LLC agreed with the port management on the specific operations the Iranian company would assume.

The Iranian company will operate under the name of Mogadishu Port Container Terminal (MPCT), which will also deal with technical and operational aspects of the port.

Neither the port authority in Mogadishu nor the Somali government issued a statement on their plans.
However, Iranian companies that have been affected by sanctions were increasingly eying opportunities in the Horn of Africa region.


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