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Amisom supports Somali government to draft its gender equality policy

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The relative calm in Somalia is beginning to bear fruits as the country begins formulating and drafting its first National Gender Policy with a workshop aimed at exploring and developing gender-sensitive policy whilst providing a framework to the government that will encourage and enforce gender equality.

The Federal Government of Somalia supported by AMISOM civilian component will be drafting its first National Gender Policy which will aim to eradicate gender inequality, empower women and benefit all people of Somalia.

The workshop facilitated by the Mission civilian component, will bring together politicians from the Somali Federal Government, SomaliaDirectorate of Women and Social Affairs, Somali women’s rights activists and NGOs. Female peacekeepers from the AMISOM military and police components as well as the African Union Gender Directorate will also participate.

During the four days workshop, participants will work together to identify key issues, challenges and strengths allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of gender issues and equality whilst learning from AMISOM contributing nations on their experiences of implementing gender policies.

At the workshop, Somali participants will then map out the process for formulating Somalia’s National Gender Policy to be approved by the Federal Government of Somalia.


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