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Security vital for marketing brand Kenya
Capital FM Kenya
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Brand Kenya Board has asked the government to ensure there is security and an enabling environment for business, to instill confidence to both local and international investors in the country.

The board says the economy of Kenya needs both local and foreign investors to grow in double digits.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Brand Kenya Communication Officer Elsie Adewa also called on the county governments to repackage and transform their respective counties to attract tourism and investments.

She said the board will collaborate with the county governments to sensitise and engage the youth on opportunities for involvement in county development and wealth creation.

“In the last survey released in June 2011, it was established that though there was a high level of patriotism at 78 percent, however a lot is needed to be done to leverage upon our strengths as a regional economic hub, capitalise on our brands drivers; athletes, innovators, natural resources as well as increased incentives to attract foreign investments,” she said.

Adewa asked Kenyans to focus on playing their part in ensuring sustainable development. “Image building starts with a personal commitment to make Kenya a better place by undertaking our work with passion, patriotism and pride.”

She added that, “The main asset of a country after all, is its people, and there is no better way to achieve sustainable development than motivated public participation.”

Speaking in the same forum, the acting Director of Information, National Steering Committee on Media Monitoring Olewe Owiti applauded the media on its restraint coverage on the recent attacks in the country.

“There have been no reports that could incite our people to revenge upon those they feel are behind the attacks,” he noted.


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