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Oil company threatens to pull out of Garissa
Saturday, July 13, 2013

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An oil prospecting company in Garissa County is now threatening to pull out due to endless wrangles with area residents.

Vanoil Energy Company from Canada which has been prospecting for oil in Modogashe area of the County is threatening to suspend all its activities until contentious issues raised by area residents are ironed out.

The County risks losing out on billions of shillings that could have emanated from oil proceeds.

However , County Governor Nadhif Jama is urging the residents to let the company to continue prospecting oil in the area as the proceeds from any resources will directly benefit them.

Francis Karanja who is one of Vanoil company directors says, the company plans to start the drilling of the first of its two exploratory wells in the next two months at Modogashe-1 on the South Anza basin at a cost of at least 2.2 million shillings, though he was quick to warn against unprecedented expectations for now.

Recently Tullow Oil Company discovered oil at Ngamia-1 in the Lokichar basin in Turkana County, amid high expectations the discovery is set to bring with it good tidings for the country.

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