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Muslims begin Ramadhan Wednesday

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Ramadhan, the annual holy month of fasting for Muslims in the world commences Wednesday, according to the Islamic calendar.

Chief Kadhi Sheikh Sharif Al Muhdhar was officially expected to make the announcement last night to signal the beginning of fasting.

The chief kadhi, who is the only Muslim leader mandated to disclose the sighting of the new crescent moon had led Muslim imams from Sunday evening to sight it. “The start and end of fasting, according to the Islamic law must be only after the new crescent moon has been sighted. If not sighted in the expected eve, then fasting may start at the end of 30 days of the previous Islamic month of Shaaban that ended yesterday,” said the chief kadhi.

In his message to Muslims, Sheikh Al Muhdhar reminded Muslims to take care of the suffering and the poor. At the same time, the Government has saluted all Muslims as they prepare to usher in Ramadhan. In a message of greetings and goodwill, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto urged the Muslim community to embrace the spirit of togetherness and strive to make Kenya a better country.

The President and his deputy also appealed to all Kenyans to shun any form of discrimination.

Uhuru and Ruto also appealed to the Muslim community and Kenyans to pray for the country and the young Government.

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