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Kenyan Police arrest aliens in Kwale beleived to be from Somalia and Ethiopia

Sunday, July 07, 2013

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Kenyan Police have arrested Ethiopian and Somalian aliens who had booked up in a small Kwakswell lodge at Milalani area of Msambweni Sub-County Kwale County.

The twelve who included 11 from Ethiopia and one from Somali were arrested on Saturday evening and were to stay in the hotel for two days as they prepared to head to South Africa according to Msambweni OCPD Jack Ekakoro.

“We arrested them at around 7.30 in the evening after getting a tip off from suspecting members of public. We suspect that they were headed to South Africa,” said he. The ocpd though didn’t disclose names of the Ethiopians he gave one of the Somalian who he said was the ring leader referred to as Farah Ali Omar.

“For their own safety it is still early to give their identity but one of them the Somali guy who was their leader was in possession of a South African passport,” explained he.

The others were caught with fake Kenyan Identification cards and are to be arraigned in a Kwale court for being in the country illegally and possessing fake documents.

Ekakoro lamented that this is an Alshabaab era and it was prudent for the members of public to report on suspecting individuals they way they did on time.

“Members of public should continue with that spirit so that we can fight human trafficking in this area and hotel people should verify documents of their clients before they book them in,” he cautioned. The OCPD said that there are two people that are being suspected of being the agents of human trafficking.

“One guy is a Tanzanian while the other one is a Kenyan of Somali descent with a probox from Mombasa and according to our investigations we are headed somewhere,” he assured.

Credible sources that did not want to be mentioned have told the Standard of how the human business trafficking has been lucrative in the region including some senior officials. There is one police who has been said to be working for few days and of coming with two foreigners in each vehicle he books to Mombasa then a probox which we have with held its registration numbers for legal reasons picks them from Mombasa to Shimoni in Kwale.

 “If it’s a big deal the aliens are brought and offloaded at Mazeras on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway then use canter vehicles (Vijimambo) and use the Kinango road to Kifyonzo then change the route towards Kwale through Marere-Mkongani-Kifimboni around Kanana area then to Kikoneni.

“When they are many they go to Mwasaru beach, Ngunyu village which is notorious as there is a forest and would later be picked from Vijiweni and all this is done at night,” said the source.

All this time a boat to transport them is being organized and after which they are ferried heading south. Before the arrests other sources had wanted to disclose more damning information of the business with condition of protecting their identity.

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