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Djibouti: security forces kill 14 year-old demonstrator

International Federation for Human Rights
Thursday, January 10, 2013

Young students demonstrated in Obock on December 30 2012.
On 30 December 2012, Djiboutian security forces fired on peaceful young demonstrators in the city of Obock, killing a 14 year-old and seriously injuring many others. Our organisations call upon the international community to condemn this violence perpetrated by the State against its population.

Sunday, 30 December, saw young demonstrators – mostly primary and middle-school pupils – peacefully denouncing lack of regional sports infrastructure at a multi-sports day in Obock, organised by the Sports Secretary of State. In response, security forces opened fire on the demonstrators, killing Hafez Mohamed Hassan, a 14 year-old middle-school student and wounding many others. The wounded included, Ahmed Mohamed Ali, Ali Kanano Barqo, Ali Omar, Fatouma Ibrahim Moussa, Hachim Hassan Mohamed, Hasna Mohamed Ali, Omar Mohamed Ali, Ali Mohmed Ali. Mrs. Aicha Dini, a 70 year-old elderly person, was also seriously injured and remains in critical condition.

“Once again, this disproportionate use of force by State agents is an odious and unforgivable act. When a power in place hurts children, it shows how much it despises human rights”, said Souhayr Belhassen, FIDH President.

FIDH and LDDH condemn this blind repression of peaceful young demonstrators. Our organisations demand an independent inquiry to shed light on these serious human rights violations and that their authors be brought to justice and duly sanctioned.

FIDH and LDDH call upon the international community, the African Union and UN organs, to address Djibouti’s recurrent human rights violations and expressly demand that those in power respect human rights in accordance with Djibouti’s international commitments.

Source: International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)


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