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Turkish doctors to train specialists in Somalia

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Turkish doctors who provide voluntary healthcare service in Somalia will start training medical specialists at the only training and research hospital in capital Mogadishu built by Turkish charity donations.

Deva international training and research hospital, which will be opened officially in March, will play an important role on meeting the qualified medical specialist need of the civil war weary country.

Somalia Development and Public Service Minister Maryan Qasim, who is in Turkey currently told AA correspondent that they would never forget what Turkey did for them when they were having hard times. Qasim said her feelings towards Turkish people were so strong that she could not articulate them.

Saying that the friendship among Turkey and Somalia were going back to 15th century, she added they always loved Turkey and raised their children teaching them about Turkish leaders such as Sultan Mehmed the Conquerer (Fatih). Qasim said "it was not a surprise for them the grandsons of the Conquerer came to help them".

On Deva Hospital, she said it would fill a big gap in the country. She said several Somali doctors had a chance to get trained in Turkey so far and now they would be able to be trained in their homeland by Turkish doctors.

She said Somalia would reborn from its ashes and she was very hopeful of that because of the support of Turkish people.


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