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Somalis in diaspora seek support for country
Daily Nation
Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Somalis in the diaspora have called for more support to the country for it to fully recover from two decades of of war.

In a statement released from Toronto, Canada, the Somalis led by former Cabinet minister Ahmed Awad Ashareh, also called on their country’s leaders to respect the federal constitution.

“We urge the Somali leadership and people to be united to salvage the war-torn country and create an atmosphere that will completely end lawlessness,” Mr Ashareh said.

He said peace and stability were crucial for Somalia and the region’s development.

The group discussed the situation in Somalia, the country’s economy and lifting of the arms embargo.

They welcomed the US and Britain’s support for Somalia, their recognition of its sovereignty and membership of the UN and other organisations.

The group said Somalia’s armed forces should be properly equipped and former militias disarmed.

Mr Ashareh said recruitment of armed forces should be harmonised and former militias rehabilitated.

The group said the laws on existence of states, regions and districts should be respected and urged leaders to avoid inflammatory remarks reminiscent of 1991 when the country degenerated into turmoil.


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