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Requesting Assistant From U.S.A to Fight Alshabab
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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The minister of defense for federal government of Somalia Hon Abdihakim Hajji Mohamud fiki who yesterday spoke at a grand opening of Barracks for military that was funded with united state of American government together with Federal government of somalia,Hon Fiki requested the government of U.S.A to assist somalia against war on Al-qaeda and Al-shabab and how they can eliminate them completely from somalia soil.

Hon Fiki also congratulated the army of the federal government of Somalia and AMISOM for their good work that they are doing and for concurring new town in lower shabelle and also he said that Alsabab are weakening out and becoming demoralized in the country..

I also urge the citizen of Somalia to give us a hand and support us so that we can eliminate Al-shabab in the country.

The government of U.S.A is ready to work and give any assistance to the republic of somalia and also give any military assistance and weapons to fight Al-shabab out of the country.


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