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Somali community in Malta condemns rape of Italian woman

Saturday, April 27, 2013

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The Somali community in Malta has expressed concern about the rape of an Italian woman, allegedly committed by several Somali men in Malta.

It expressed solidarity with the Italian woman and hoped that the men who committed the crime would be brought to justice.

“It is for the Maltese Court to decide on the case, but in general we wish to say that such actions against women are serious crimes and are not tolerated by law or by the Somali community.

“We are urging the Maltese government not to stop their tireless efforts to help Somali refugees who need protection. We also ask people not to judge the whole Somali community by the actions of a few.

“Finally, we the Somali Community are fully on the side of peace, respecting the laws, regulations and people of Malta. We are indeed grateful for your crucial assistance,” the community said.


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