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Somalia: Farole, South African Delegation Discuss Piracy, Illegal Fishing

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

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Puntland regional President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole on Saturday (April 6th) received a delegation of South African officials in Garowe to discuss the preservation and protection of Somalia's coast to discourage piracy, Somalia's Garowe Online reported.

"One of the root causes of piracy had been the illegal activities including illegal fishing and toxic dumping that were going on off the coast of Somalia," said Hussein Abdirahman, a maritime security researcher at New Access International, a Puntland-based research and consulting organisation.

"Now that the threat of piracy has decreased, the illegal ships have made a comeback in Somali waters," he said. "To stop piracy from resurging, there needs to be increased Somali-based efforts to drastically improve Somalia's maritime security."

The South African delegation also discussed coastal issues with representatives of the Somali federal government in Mogadishu before arriving in Puntland.

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