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Somali Community Advocate Talks Terrorism Concerns

Friday, September 21, 2012
By: Todd Wilson

Bihi is a Somali community advocate. He says he knows a 21 year old man who recently left Minnesota for Somalia. His goal? Bihi says, Jihad.

"This gentleman parents, she is in total chaos right now, she's shocked," Bihi said.

Bihi says, the young man was recruited by the group Al Shabaab from Somalia. He says, the call to arms over the internet is a common occurrence

"Somali American Community, we have produced the first three Americans ever to become suicide bombers," Bihi said.

That's why former Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher says, seminars on Somalis for local law enforcement are important. It gives them a better understanding of Somali people and their history.

"We are equally concerned about kids here being radicalized both over the internet or by local individuals and turning their terrorist activities on America," presenter Bob Fletcher said.

The number of Somalis living in the Twin Cities ranges from 50,000 to 100,000, the vast majority are law abiding industrious people. But Bihi says, there is always that one percent rule.

"We all live in the same place, so we all should have a legitimate concern," Bihi said.


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