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Deputy speaker of parliament appeals for European support in fighting terror

Saturday, September 01, 2012

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The Deputy Speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah has called for the intervention of European Unionand other super powers into Somalia question.

In a meeting with a group of members of parliament and chief executive officers from Germany who paid courtesy call to his office today Oulanyah said that the problem in Somalia does not affect only Africa but the whole world.

He said that the Alshabab terrorists are now spread all over and therefore leaving them to be controlled by a few countries that are in Somalia which are now paying huge prices in terms of losing the lives of people and properties.

Oulanyaj says that other parts of the world should sit and see how they can support African Mission in Somalia in terms of funding, manpower and equipment.

He says that Alshabab are so rich and therefore they need combined efforts to be fought but not leaving the war to only poor African countries.

So far AMISOM is composed of Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Djibouti though many countries in the African Union that pledged to send their troops to Somalia.

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