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EU aid to Somalia hopes for education, security, governance and economic development

Friday, November 16, 2012

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ADDIS ABABA: The European Union has announced new funding to Somalia for improving governance, strengthening security, as well as working towards better education and economic development.

Among other things, the funding (€158 million) will support the national administration, the justice sector and the police by providing basic infrastructure, equipment and training.

It will also assist in the organization of free and fair elections. In the field of education, the EU will increase access to quality education at all levels, and start a new education program in the refugee camps of Dadaab (Kenya) to broaden the (currently very limited) access to education for Somali refugee children and young people there.

With regard to economic development, the EU will particularly focus on the livestock sector, fisheries and crop production.

Actions help to improve veterinary services and the trade and marketing of livestock.

The EU will also provide training to farmers on the sustainable management of rangelands, and establish a better information system on climate change, drought and flood alerts.


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