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Turkish Red Crescent & Istanbul Municipality to reconstruct Mogadishu

Anadolu Agency
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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MOGADISHU-Turkish Red Crescent and the IBB will work together in the construction of roads and pavements, collection of solid waste, environmental arrangement and the erection of an industrial site.

50 construction machines and trucks from Turkey have been brought to Mogadishu to be used during construction activities.

In order for the project to advance, the IBB will send a team of 100 experts to Somalia in the next few days.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), an executive with the IBB, Kamil Kolabas, said that they wanted to turn Mogadishu into a modern and contemporary capital.

"The construction yard we will erect will be a site where concrete, paving stones and asphalt would be produced. The construction yard will serve Somalia for a long time. We work to see Mogadishu as one of the modern capitals of Africa," Kolabas stressed.

An executive with the Turkish Red Crescent, Mumtaz Simsek, stated that the construction yard provided jobs to 250 people.

Once the project has been completed, Mogadishu will become a contemporary city, Simsek also said.

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