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Somali government to tighten Mogadishu security

Monday, July 16, 2012

Somali government forces with the backing of the African Union troops have expanded their control outside Mogadishu.

Afgoye, Bal’ad and Lanta Buro all that are in Lower and Middle Shabelle region of South Somalia are among the new towns placed under the control of the UN backed transitional federal government that has spent three years trying to dislodge the Al-Shabaab fighters who controlled the vast south and central Somalia.

Elsewhere Mogadishu is enjoying relative peace and calm following the Somali and African Union forces offensive in Al-Shabaab fighters controlled regions outside Mogadishu with the war torn city now recovering from the two-decade civil war with business reopening and government reconstructing the roads and other basic amenities for its citizens.

Somali government forces have also enhanced the security operations in these newly seized towns and are calling on the locals to open up their business, promising them adequate security and protection from Al-Shabaab fighters. Somali Army Commander also calls for an end to the combat in Somalia following the latest victory against Al-Shabaab fighters.

The African Union Mission to Somalia AMISOM has intensified its offensives since August last year following the withdrawal of Al-Shabaab fighters from Mogadishu and have secured the districts adjacent to Mogadishu including Afgooye corridor that served as home to more than 400,000 internally displaced people.

AMISOM also calls on the peace loving Somalis to join the other people in rebuilding the country from the ruins of years of civil war.

Completion of the draft constitution, improving the security of the country and elections of new lawmakers are among the pending tasks left for the Somali administration based in Mogadishu with barely a month to the end of the current Transitional Federal Government.


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