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Move to support Raila denounced by a section of Muslim leaders

Hiiraan Online
By Zahra Rashid
Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A section of Muslim leaders have detached themselves from declaration that the community has endorsed any of the two presidents.

Led by Imam of the Landhies Mosque in Nairobi, Sheikh Ahmad Athman said that Muslim have not come to the decision to back any presidential candidate.

“We were shocked on hearing that the Muslim community has declared their support for the Cord presidential candidate, without consultations,” He said.

The Imam stated that this not a time to divide the county along religious lines and that everyone has the right to support whoever is suitable for the position regardless of the faith professed.

“Muslims are all over the country are op different political grouping, we shall all vote for a presidential candidate on the basis of their policies in developing the nation,” Added Imam Athman.

The section of the Muslim leaders, spoke a day after some Muslim clerics stated that Muslims have put their weight behind the Kenyan Premier Mr. Raila Odinga, on visiting hi residence in Nairobi on Sunday.

Chairman of the Nairobi Muslim Youth, Mr. Issa Ahmed, who had the same sentiments as the Landhies Mosque’s Imam, said that Muslims should be left to support a leaders with strong policies and plans.

He said the that the youth were not consulted in the decision making process.

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