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American terrorist targets Uganda

New Vision
Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Police have warned that terrorists are targeting Uganda again.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Police spokesman Simon Kuteesa said the Police, through international security agencies, had unearthed a plot by an international terror suspect of American nationality, Mohammed Liban Haji, to sneak into the country and cause mayhem.

“In collaboration with international anti-terrorism security agencies, we have intelligence regarding their intention to launch a terrorist attack in the country,” Kuteesa said at the Police headquarters, adding that the information was credible.

Terrorists, he said, were planning to take advantage of the sports calendar, especially the ongoing Olympics to attack public places and urged the public to be cautious.

“People should only go to places with security controls in place,” he said. He also released a photograph of Liban.

The Police, Kuteesa said, had intercepted intelligence that Liban, a terror suspect of Somali origin, planned to sneak into the country and thus the need to put the country on alert.

“Anyone with information on this man should inform the Police,” Kuteesa said and issued police toll free lines 1800199699 1800199399, 0800199139 and 0800122291 through which members of public can disclose information to the Police.

In light of the threat, the Police urged members of the public to shun public places and buildings with inadequate security.

Other Police sources yesterday said Liban, who is also wanted by the US for terror activities, was born on January 4, 1986 in Somalia, though a US national.

Kuteesa appealed to the public to be on the look out for and report to the Police suspicious people and objects.

He also appealed to parents to caution children against playing with strange, brightly coloured objects, saying such objects may be explosives or can be used by terrorists to detonate explosives.

He said the Police, together with other security agencies, had stepped up security in light of the current threat.


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