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Charity organization feeds Mogadishu families during Ramadan
Press TV
Wednesday, August 01, 2012

During the first day of the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan, Press TV aired a story about impoverished displaced persons with no food to eat and depicted their life in Mogadishu one year after the Horn of African Country suffered its worst drought in six decades.

However, a Somali Charity youth organization known as KANAVA is issuing food to more than 1300 families and individuals as a positive gesture during the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan. The charity organization is feeding displaced persons from two different camps in Mogadishu in conjunction with other partners.

The Somali capital Mogadishu houses the largest concentration of displaced persons following the 2011 Somalia famine that claimed the lives of many and displaced millions others especially from south and central Somalia. KANAVA Charity organization however says that if the wealthy Muslims donate to such a cause then many poor people will be fed especially during this holy month of the Islamic Calendar.

Displaced persons thank the charity organizations and appeal to the international community and Muslim countries for assistance; days after the United Nations warned that thousands of Somalis were still at risk as the country is still facing food shortage.

We thank this charity for remembering us and our families and we call on other Muslims to follow suit and assist the other poor persons in the other IDP camps”.

Ramadan in Somalia this year, coincided with high rise in prices of food stuffs, due to the economic downturn, which compounded the suffering of the poor, especially those displaced by the drought and war and live in difficult conditions in displacement camps.

Fasting men and women flock to this center before the Maghrib prayers to eat Iftar and then walk away to their camps. However this opportunity is not available to tens of thousands of displaced people living in camps scattered across the capital Mogadishu and its suburbs who cannot afford to provide their families Iftar during Ramadan.


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