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Mogadishu’s Sunday of More Death and Destruction, fighting makes the North bloody
Hiiraan Online Tuesday,07 June,2011
At least 10 died and more than 20 others injured on Sunday night following artillery shelling conducted by forces of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) and backed by contingents of African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) as battle for Somalia’s capital Mogadishu rages on. TFG and allied forces reportedly bombarded for the second night in a row, the districts of Kaaraan, Yaaqshiid and Huriwaa leading to more bloody destructions including death of young children as reliable sources indicated. Eye witnesses told Hiiraan Online that civilians have started fleeing the three settlements following last night’s raid which is part of an ongoing military activity between and TFG and Al-shabaab fighters. "There was endless bombardment against Kaaraan village last night, six people were killed in the settlement including children, 10 others were injured during the heavy artillery fire” one villager told HOL on condition of anonymity Four others died in Yaaqshiid and Huriwaa in a separate shelling where scores of others sustained serious injuries as fierce fighting intensifies in Mogadishu’s northern districts. The injured are undergoing treatment at various hospitals within the capital. Our sources said the injured victims included a number of women and children A spokesman for AMISOM forces told the local media that the shelling last night was aimed at some strategic and military positions of insurgency group Al-Shabaab who are fighting an all-out battle to secure previous lost positions and strongholds within the restive capital. Al-shabaab fighters are yet to give statement concerning last night’s raid that has lead to more frustration for the people of Mogadishu. Over the past few days, much of the fighting was around the Northern neighborhood of the Coastal capital of the Horn of Africa nation where Al-shabaab fighters are reportedly regrouping as TFG gradually gains the upper hand yet civilians have been hiding in their homes or fleeing the fighting.