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Somali News Update -Thursday - October 3, 2013

A welcoming reception for Deputy Prime Minister Fawzia Yusuf H. Adam and her delegation at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre last night saw hundreds of Somali-Canadians uniting in support of a common goal—for individuals living abroad to return to a safe Somalia and to congratulate the beginning of women in politics. For the first time in twenty-two years, official delegation from Somalia is in Canada striving to establish international relations that will elevate the country on the world stage.

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Somali News Update -Wednesday - October 2, 2013

After more than 20 years of limited diplomatic relations, Canada and Somalia are hoping to trade embassies in the near future.

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Somali News Update -Tuesday - October 1, 2013

Some 67 people were killed and many injured after al-Shabab militants attacked the Westgate centre in Kenya on 21 September. A number of those killed were people of South Asian origin. The BBC Hindi's Nitin Srivastava reports from Nairobi.

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Somali News Update -Monday - September 30, 2013

Until the Nairobi mall carnage, Uhuru Kenyatta was a beleaguered and divisive president. But his own bereavement and new clothes as commander-in-chief have earned him fresh support and, some say, a "get out of jail free card" for the International Criminal Court.

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Somali News Update -Sunday - September 29, 2013

SINCE THE break-up of Somalia’s government in 1991, many of its citizens migrated to Britain to escape the civil war, but the fortunes of many Somalis have not proved to be as rosy as expected. Somalis have had strong ties with Britain for centuries, as seamen and traders visiting the ports of London, Cardiff and Bristol.

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Somali News Update -Saturday - September 28, 2013

Exclusive: Channel 4 News learns the alleged leader of the Nairobi shopping mall attack was born a Christian in Kenya and is a former member of the country's special forces.

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