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Somali News Update -Saturday - January 11, 2014

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali’s Federal parliament has fully endorsed a request by Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed to give him ten more days to complete his new cabinet.

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Somali News Update -Friday - January 10, 2014

Kenya's military says it has carried out an air strike on an Islamist camp in Somalia, killing 30 militants, including al-Shabab commanders.

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Somali News Update -Thursday - January 9, 2014

Somalia based militant group al Shabaab has given telecom companies in that country 15 days to terminate internet connectivity or face untold “consequences”.

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Somali News Update -Wednesday - January 8, 2014

Former Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali was elected president of the semi-autonomous Puntland region in a vote by lawmakers, narrowly defeating the incumbent who conceded defeat.

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Somali News Update -Tuesday - January 7, 2014

Somali campaigners against the herbal stimulant khat are celebrating on Tuesday, writes Jamal Osman. They have invited some Conservative MPs who supported them in their fight to ban it. The ban is expected to come into force in the next few months.

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