Somalia’s Foreign Policy needs Re-adjustment

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    FiqiJin @ 9/1/2019 4:59 AM EST

I could not have said it better! However,
hear me out on this, could this sister Naima
be yet another name for Mr. Dhool, like Geeljire
Somali? What can I say, I have a suspecious mind!!!
    secular @ 9/1/2019 12:01 AM EST
Does your map envision two separate countries, Somalia and Somaliland? I'm at a loss with the map drawing.
I agree with the core of your article, but failed to understand why did you throw in "Israel"?
Antagonizing Israel is foolish, but we are not yet ready to have an embassy in Jerusalem.
Not long ago, a certain Mr Dool lost his job when he lobbied for Israel. I hope you don't work or intend to
work for the Federal Government of Somalia!

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