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    secular @ 7/21/2019 1:24 PM EST
 ... Don't get me wrong: It's normal to criticize those in power since it goes with the territory.
We have an imperfect government and a clan based opposition that's much worse!
The word "principle" does not exist in Somali politics's dictionary!  Amen
    secular @ 7/21/2019 1:14 PM EST
 ... Did I mention the Kim Jung-style security guards clad in dark suits running alongside moving SUVs?
It look odd. Very odd!
    secular @ 7/21/2019 12:14 PM EST
 Regarding the attire of the "duo", it doesn't look good to dress Armani/Valentino suits in the dusty alleys of our towns and
being resounded by starving citizens and perhaps they should dress in a way that doesn't make a "visual contrast" with the common folks.
    secular @ 7/21/2019 12:09 PM EST
All lawyers have axes to grind in some way or in another and our good lawyer is not an exemption.
He focused on the "attire", but he really dissents the policies of the guys who currently occupy the Mansion on the Hill.
The duo he blames have taken the nation to a different level and are managing our affairs by trial and error.
The regional clan-based enclaves feel threatened by a strong federal government and their mini-dictators don't want to
relinquish neither power nor an inch of the territory "marked" as belonging to their clans, while the current federal government
is undermining relentlessly the legitimacy of its federal member states.
    FiqiJin @ 7/20/2019 6:43 AM EST
 Avv. Abdiwahid Abdullahi Warsame,

Your criticism of president Farmajo and PM Khayre is  without merit or foundation!
If this is about their alleged interference with Somalia regional politics and elections (selections),
then I suggest you first familiarize yourself with what is going in Somalia!

You have regional clan presidents who (in exchange for money and other resources) sell their
country out to UAE and Kenya! It used to be Ethiopia, but Allah dethroned the Ethiopia leaders
who used to play divide & conquer Somalia deadly games!

I am all for Farmjo\Khayre reining in clan presidents or installing clan presidents who will
tow the federal lines--until such time there is political and patriotism maturity in clan regions!

Your overly advertisement of the atire as representative of western values is childish, as communist
Soveit union then, East Germany then and China now also don the same style attire more or less!  

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